In the African savannah most creatures either
Crocuta crocuta
scavenge leftovers from a larger hunter's kill or seek smaller prey that they can tackle themselves. But the spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta) frequently intimidates leopards and cheetahs into giving up their catch and wages constant war with the lion, the two creatures snarling and threatening each other over territorial boundaries.

Hyena clans are dominated by the larger, more aggressive females, which are so masculinized that it's difficult to tell the genders apart until the female has had pups. The females fight over food, they fight the males and they fight each other. Occasionally, the males will 'bait' a female in retaliation, but it takes a gang of four or five to do so. The spotted hyena's massive jaws and acidic stomach means it can consume bones, horns and teeth as well as meat.

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