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The purpose of the zebra's (Equus quagga)

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stripes is unclear. None of the three species is more closely related to the others than it is to horses or asses; each species is a kind of equid which just happens to be striped like the others. 

The plains zebra is the only zebra - the others being Grevy's zebra (E. grevyi) and mountain zebra (E. zebra) - which is not endangered. some 200,000 are on a never-ending migration, making a 480km clockwise circuit of the Serengeti and Masai Mara National Parks in East Africa as the seasons dictate the grazing. Plains zebras mix with herds of wildebeest for protection and eat the grasses that wildebeest cannot eat. They have been hunted for hide and meat but are now a mainstay attraction for the tourist industry.