• Hilary James Lyall


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  • Loco123456

    Hello everybody,

    A nonprofit organization called "Restore the Magic" needs help in getting 10,000 signatures on their petition. The petition is to help get the director's cut of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" released. The deadline for signing along with reaching the goal is May 1, 2019.

    Please sign the petition, and also please share it with others who'd like to see the director's cut too.

    Link to petition:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. Have a good day.

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  • MysticCanines'Heroine732

    Okay people my speech can sound emotional for any wild canine, but dholes it doesn't matter who's speaking they sincerely need all the help they can find to not go extinct. Dholes have suffered issues in Asia since we didn't understand nature proplerly, and they're sadly one of the species still endangered. I decided to do this speech because thousands people don't even know the dhole exists, plus issues like so many can't distinguish a dhole and fox, and how many see them in sight guessing it's a gray wolf. Dholes have been hurt more than the majority of their cousins.

    That dholes have been hurt more than their cousins is clear if you know about how serious the depletion of food and persecution are against this species, plus being shot, b…

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Lydia was an awesome girl who likes adventures, but when magic happens that allows animals to talk, she has to try to find the confidence.

    1. Kate Higgins as Lydia
    2. Kate Micucci as Bella
    3. Issac Ryan Brown as Brayden
    4. Jay Gragnani as Nathan

    (The episode starts off with Lydia at the zoo with her parents.)

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  • Hilary James Lyall

    Wild Animals

    December 3, 2018 by Hilary James Lyall

    There's so much out there to explore.

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